How to Prepare a DTF Gang Sheet

How to Prepare a DTF Gang Sheet

Nov 29, 2023

What is a DTF Gang Sheet?

A DTF Gang Sheet, also known as a Direct-to-Film Gang Sheet, plays a pivotal role in the DTF Printing process. This high-resolution digital image file serves as the blueprint for transferring artwork onto various surfaces such as textiles or paper. The term "gang sheet" originates from its unique feature of containing multiple copies of a design, strategically arranged in a grid pattern for enhanced efficiency.

Why is Preparing a DTF Gang Sheet Important?

In the realm of DTF transfers, meticulous preparation of a DTF Gang Sheet is indispensable. This process allows for precise control over design placement, ensuring consistency and accuracy in the final printing results. The grid layout not only minimizes material waste but also optimizes production time and cost-effectiveness.

How to Prepare a DTF Gang Sheet

Step 1: Determine the Design Size

When considering DTF transfers, begin by measuring the dimensions of the design, factoring in the size of the intended printing substrate and any specific requirements outlined by the customer.

Step 2: Choose the Grid Layout

Select a grid layout that aligns with the dimensions of the DTF Gang Sheet. This layout should complement the ease of use for customers.

Step 3: Calculate the Placement

Calculate precise placement coordinates for each design on the gang sheet, ensuring uniform spacing.

Step 4: Use a Graphic Design Software

Utilize graphic design software to create a document matching the DTF Gang Sheet specifications. Set the width according to customer requirements and enable a transparent background for the final export.

Step 5: Arrange the Designs

Import individual design files into the document, aligning them precisely according to the calculated coordinates.

Step 6: Export as a High-Resolution PNG

Export the DTF Gang Sheet as a high-resolution PNG file, preserving the transparency of the background.


In conclusion, the meticulous preparation of a DTF Gang Sheet holds particular significance when considering products available at Next Day DTF. By adhering to precise design placement, grid layouts, and transparent backgrounds, this process aligns seamlessly with the company's commitment to delivering high-quality DTF Gang Sheet transfers that meet the diverse needs of your projects.

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